This Program Teaches Your Child to Read The Easy Way


Everyone wants their children to learn how to read as soon as possible. It means doing better at school, succeeding at a young age, and generally being happier because it helps them to understand the world more. My husband and I were no different, so we decided to try Reading Headstart Program. And once we got started we had to let everyone know: Reading Headstart Program is one of the best ways to teach your child to read. Open up a book and get started!

We found that a lot of teaching your child to read meant teaching us something we didn’t already know. Because, we had to face it, we were lost. There is a lot parents don’t know about helping their kids learn how to read. We were just another couple trying to figure it out on our own until we started using Reading Headstart Program. The entire Reading Headstart Program method was broken down into understandable steps, both for us and our little one. And it works.

Your child will be able to easily identify and pronounce sounds, recognize letters and easy words. Reading will become a much more fun and shared experience as you both take part in it. This phonemic awareness raises comprehension skills and produces a foundation for excellent readers. Through sequential and logical learning, our little one was calling out letter names and pointing out familiar words in all of the books in the house.

You learn the most crucial skills to developing young readers, as well as the worst mistakes to make. We had no idea that we had been getting it so wrong. It’s also the kind of program that wasn’t tied up in a strict schedule—we were able to live our lives and still teach our child how to read. Plus, we were really happy to know that help was only an email away with Reading Headstart Program Email Counseling. For a twelve-week period you get caring email support from the Reading Headstart Program guidance team.

The program says that it works for young children—even as young as two—as long as the child can speak already. Everyone develops at a different rate, so some readers do advance faster than others. But without a program like this, working with slow readers to me would seem a lot scarier. I know that with Reading Headstart Program, you’ll have a young, happy reader who can’t stop turning pages in your house too.

Reading Headstart Program

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